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Targeted Intervention

The Health Board was in Special Measures for five years until November 2020, when the Minister for Health & Social Services announced that sufficient improvements had been made to merit de-escalation to Targeted Intervention (TI) status. As the Health Board progresses its targeted improvement agenda in response to being placed in targeted intervention, transformation and innovation will be essential in building upon the successes of the past five years.

Welsh Government has developed a Targeted Intervention Improvement Framework to support progress in the following 4 areas of focus:

  • Domain 1: Mental Health (Adults and Children)
  • Domain 2: Strategy, Planning and Performance
  • Domain 3: Leadership (governance, transformation and culture)
  • Domain 4: Engagement (patient, public, staff and partners)

Gill Harris, Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Nursing & Midwifery, is the Health Board’s Senior Responsible Officer for TI. The Executive Lead and Independent Member Link arrangements for each domain are as follows:


Senior Responsible Officer (SRO)  

Link IM (& Link IM Support)
Sub domain leads
Mental Health (Adults and Children)

Teresa Owen

Cheryl Carlisle (Lucy Reid)
Chris Stockport (Children)
Strategy, Planning & Performance

Mark Wilkinson

Nicky Callow (Lyn Meadows)
Sue Hill (Finance aspects)
Leadership (including governance, transformation and culture)

Sue Green

Linda Tomos (John Cunliffe)
Simon Evans-Evans  (Governance)
Engagement (patient, public, staff and partners)

Gill Harris

Eifion Jones (Jackie Hughes)
Sue Green (staff & public) and Mark Wilkinson (partners)

The Targeted Intervention framework will be based upon a maturity matrix for each of the four Domains listed above. The maturity matrix approach has been proven to be effective in supporting innovative and transformational change, enabling an organisational focus on improvement. The maturity matrix allows for common themes along a transformation journey to be highlighted and concisely sets out the ‘must do’s’ for success, provides reassurance that the focus is on the right priorities, and brings to light areas that are in need of more attention.

The Board will conduct self-assessments of progress against the matrices at regular intervals. A TI Improvement Framework Steering Group has been established to provide oversight of the improvement journey.

Health Board papers:

Targeted Intervention Improvement Framework (TIIF) Steering Group papers:

Agreed Targeted Intervention Maturity Matrices:

Additional Targeted Intervention Documents:

Please contact us if you would like any further information on the Targeted Intervention improvement work:

Simon Evans-Evans, Interim Director of Governance – simon.evans-evans@wales.nhs,uk

Liz Jones, Assistant Director, Corporate Governance –

Laura Jones, Corporate Governance Officer –