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Update - April 2022
From 1 April 2022, access to dental services has changed as part of a national NHS Wales programme to ensure dental care is accessible to everyone in Wales. Dental access will be prioritised based on needs and risks. Dental practices across North Wales will prioritise dental care towards patients that require treatment. 

NHS Dental appointments are currently limited.
Dental practices across North Wales continue to follow the COVID-19 infection control measures as put in place by Welsh Government. This is for the safety of patients, staff and the wider community and this has reduced the number of dental appointments.

Our focus is on patients with an urgent or emergency need.
Dentists are required to prioritise access to treatment on the basis of clinical need and to provide treatment to urgent and high priority patients.

When check-up appointments become available, your dentist will contact you.
Patient access to routine dental services and non-urgent treatment will continue to be limited while current cross infection protocols remain in place, although practices with sufficient capacity may be able to start recalling patients that are overdue for their routine NHS dental examination. When check-up appointments become available, your dentist will contact you. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding of the current situation.
You should contact your dentist during their usual opening hours if you require urgent dental care. Information about who you should contact outside of normal hours or if you don't have a dentist, can be found under our Urgent Dental Services.