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Pharmacies can provide expert advice and guidance about treating common ailments, conditions and their symptoms, including:

  • thrush
  • ring worm
  • minor cuts
  • upset stomach
  • dental pain
  • repeat prescriptions
  • emergency contraception

Appointments are not always needed but you might be asked to wait or pop back if they are busy. Many pharmacies are open outside of usual hours and into the evenings. 

Before visiting your GP, we would suggest speaking with your pharmacist, they can help decide if you should see a doctor and can provide you with other information about other health services.

Did you know that some pharmacies offer emergency supply services if you accidently run out of your repeat prescription and are unable to get a prescription from your GP surgery.  They also offer emergency hormonal contraception services, flu vaccination and smoking cessation support.

Common Ailments Service

The Common Ailments Service offers patients a free NHS consultation with a pharmacist and free medication for some common ailments. 

If you visit a pharmacy and have a common ailment, you can ask the pharmacist for advice and support. The pharmacist may supply you with medication to treat the common ailment. Find out more information on the Common Ailments Service, including a list of ailments that come under this service and details on how to register. 

Sore Throat Test and Treat Service

Sore throats are very common and nothing to worry about, they normally get better within 7 to 10 days. Most sore throats are caused by minor illnesses such as colds or flu and can be treated at home. 

Our sore throat test and treat service is available at selected pharmacies across North Wales. First you would have a consultation with a pharmacist, who will ask questions and conduct a swab test to determine whether you have a viral or bacterial sore throat. 

Antibiotics will not treat a viral infection but the pharmacist will offer advice and information. If the test reveals that you have a bacterial infection the pharmacist can then provide antibiotics. Find out more by visiting the Sore Throat Test and Treat Service page.

Extending the prescription collection to every 56 days

If you normally get your prescription every 28 days, this could be extended to 56 days during your next review. This could mean collecting your medication every two months instead of monthly. 

This will reduce the number of trips you need to make to a community pharmacy/ GP.

Some patients may not be suitable to change because:

  • Of the types of medication you take (for example strong painkillers, new medication or medication that requires close monitoring)
  • You need additional support for your medication (for example you have your medication dispensed in a compliance aid or a carer administers your medication)

Please help us to help you by ordering your prescriptions 7 days in advance of when they are due to allow time for both the GP and community pharmacy to deal with the request.

Please continue to only order what you need and return any unused or unwanted medication to community pharmacies for safe disposal. Order your medication online or via app where possible.