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Committees and Advisory Groups

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board is committed to openness and transparency, and conducts as much of its business as possible in a session that members of the public are normally welcome to attend and observe. However, in light of the current advice and guidance in relation to COVID-19 we made the decision in March 2020 in the best interests of protecting the public, our staff and Board members to no longer convene or gather in groups for meetings. We have since been holding our Committee meetings virtually, continuing to publish our papers in advance

BCUHB Committee structure  (diagram under revision) 

Details of various meetings including papers can be accessed via the following links, published a week in advance: 

Audit Committee
Charitable Funds Committee 
Charitable Funds Advisory Group
Digital and Information Governance Committee

Mental Health and Capacity and Compliance Committee 

(wef September 2021)

Quality, Safety and Experience Committee 

Partnerships, People and Population Health Committee

(wef October 2021)

Performance, Finance and Information Governance Committee

(wef October 2021)

Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee 
Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG)
Healthcare Professionals Forum (HPF)
Local Partnership Forum (LPF)

Finance and Performance Committee

(to August 2021) 

Mental Health Act Committee

(to July 2021)

Power of Discharge Sub-Committee

(to July 2021)

Strategy, Partnerships and Population Health Committee

(to August 2021)