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Health Board Members

The Board governs the organisation and membership comprises of the Chairman, the Vice Chair and Independent Members who are appointed by the Minister for Health and Social Services.

Mark Polin OBE QPM

Vice Chair
Lucy Reid
December 2022

Chief Executive 
Jo Whitehead

Board Secretary
Louise Brereton 

Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery 
Gill Harris


Health Board and Independent Members and their Current Tenures

Cllr Medwyn Hughes
March 2022

John Cunliffe
March 2022

Cllr Cheryl Carlisle
March 2022

Lyn Meadows
April 2023

Jackie Hughes
August 2022

Morwena Edwards (Associate) 
June 2022

Ffrancon Williams (Associate)
April 2021

Eifion Jones
August 2022

Nicky Callow
June 2022

Linda Tomos
October 2024

Gareth Evans (Associate)
February 2021



Executive Directors

Sue Hill

Public Health
Teresa Owen

Arpan Guha

Primary Care and Community Services
Chris Stockport

Therapies and Health Sciences
Adrian Thomas

Planning and Performance
Mark Wilkinson

Workforce and Organisational Development
Sue Green