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Vaccines save lives. Worldwide, an estimated three million lives are saved every year through vaccination.

Vaccines protect you and your family against many serious and potentially deadly diseases – and stops them spreading to more vulnerable members of the community, including older people, young infants and those with existing medical conditions.

Vaccinations are rigorously tested, and are safe and effective.

Vaccine preventable diseases are a significant risk to the health of the people of North Wales. For us all to have the best protection, our vaccination programmes rely on us all taking up the offer. When vaccination uptake rates are high, the risk of outbreaks of disease in our communities is much lower. 

Please find our full routine vaccination schedule, including eligibility information, below. 

It is important that vaccines are given on time for the best protection – but you can still catch up if you miss them.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you think that you, your child, or another family member have missed a vaccine, please contact your GP surgery, health visitor, school nurse or specialist service for further information and advice.


Priority vaccination programmes


Routine vaccination schedule


Additional vaccinations for people with long-term health conditions

People with a range of underlying conditions or who are exposed to greater risk of disease may require additional vaccinations, or additional doses of some vaccinations, to protect them from becoming unwell. 

Guidance and support for people with these underlying conditions or additional risk factors is available on a case by case basis from your GP surgery or specialist team.

Comprehensive vaccination information, including a full schedule, is available from NHS 111 Wales. 


Vaccinations for work

Many workplaces ask employees to make sure they are fully up to date with routine vaccinations to reduce the risk of illness or disease.  

Some employers ask workers to have additional vaccinations to increase their protection. Some higher-risk job roles may require further vaccinations.

Advice on which vaccinations are recommended for your job role is available from your employer or occupational health department.


Travel vaccinations

Travellers to many areas of the world may require additional vaccination against diseases and conditions endemic to these regions. 

Some vaccines need to be given well in advance to allow your body to develop immunity. And some vaccines involve a number of doses spread over several weeks or months.

Advice on travel vaccinations is available from many GP surgeries and community pharmacies. If possible, please make contact at least eight weeks before you're due to travel.