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Help with my Weight

Would you like to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off for good?

We offer a range of services for adults in North Wales who need to lose weight for health reasons. We will provide the tools and support you need for successful, sustainable weight loss with a focus on promoting health and wellbeing. You’ll receive a handbook and helpful resources and we will support you to work towards what matters to you.

During the pandemic all of our services will be delivered remotely by video link. Although people may feel unsure about joining a group, our participants soon find the group support beneficial in helping them make and sustain lifestyle changes.



You will be invited to join one of the following groups the one most appropriate for you:

For adults with BMI 25 – 35 kg/m

An 8 week group programme to help you manage your weight in a healthy way

Topics covered 

  • Week 1: Preparing to Change for Life
  • Week 2: The Eatwell Guide
  • Week 3: Portion Sizes and You
  • Week 4: Up and About
  • Week 5: Food Labels
  • Week 6: Focus on your Food
  • Week 7: Food and Drink Swaps
  • Week 8: Changing for Life

For adults with BMI 30 – 35kg/m

  • A free membership to a local Slimming World group.
  • This voucher provides access to 12 weekly weight management sessions with a local Slimming World consultant.

The groups are available at various locations across North Wales, so you can join a group that is most suitable for you

For adults with BMI 35 – 45kg/m

  • A 12 week group programme delivered by a Registered Dietitian with regular support for a year.
  • (You’ll have the option to access an introduction session to find out more before joining the 12 week programme if you prefer)  

Topics covered

  • Week 1: Best way to lose weight
  • Week 2: Healthy eating
  • Week 3: Portion sizes
  • Week 4: Changing your eating habits
  • Week 5: Individual goal setting
  • Week 6: Gaining control of your eating
  • Week 7: Physical activity
  • Week 8 : Meal planning
  • Week 9: Eating and drinking when you’re out
  • Week 10: Shopping and using food labels
  • Week 11: Mind Matters
  • Week 12: Staying Focused

You might need additional support. Please consult your GP who can refer you to other options available.

Find out if you are a healthy weight by using this NHS BMI calculator.

You can refer a patient to weight management services by WCCG referral to your local Dietetics department who will forward the referral to the appropriate service.