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Help with my Weight

Would you like to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off for good?

We offer a range of services for adults in North Wales who need to lose weight for health reasons. Please use the BMI calculator and read the information on our programmes below to discover which options will be suitable for you.

You can refer yourself by completing the self-referral form. We also accept referrals from health professionals. Based on your information, you’ll be offered the most appropriate options for your needs.


Please click on the boxes below for more information about each option

BMI calculator

NHS 111 Wales BMI calculator

Second Nature App

For adults with BMI 30-40kg/m2


For adults with BMI over 30kg/m2

The self-referral form

To complete this form you will need your height, weight and BMI

FIT Dragons

For adults with BMI over 28kg/m2

BMI over 45

BMI over 45


Weight management support during pregnancy

Help me to be Healthy - For children and young people

If your child is aged 2-17 and struggles with their weight there is a service that may be able to help

Self-help resources

Apps and websites to support your weight loss journey

What our patients say

Find out what our Help with my Weight participants say

Contact us

Contact the Help with my Weight team