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Anti-Racist Action Plan

During 2020 and 2021 the Welsh Government consulted on a Draft Race Equality Action Plan. 
In June 2022 Welsh Government strengthened and renamed it as the “Anti-racist Wales Action Plan” (the Plan). From community engagement, and the responses to the consultation, it became clear to Government that an anti-racist approach was needed.

Welsh Government states "We want to make a real difference to current and future generations of ethnic minority people. We want them to thrive, and to continue to help make Wales a greener, stronger and fairer nation. We want a Wales where everyone thrives and feels valued”.

The newly launched Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan places a responsibility on public bodies to report demonstrable progress in areas detailed in specific actions. Health is one of the component parts of the national plan, and we at BCUHB have developed a comprehensive action plan. You can look at our ‘plan on a page’ here: