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Vaccinations for babies

During their first year, babies will be called for routine vaccinations to help protect them against disease. Making sure your children get their vaccinations protects them, your family and the wider community. 

You will be sent routine appointments for your child at eight weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks and 12 to 13 months. Some vaccinations require two or three doses to be fully effective. If your child has a long-term health condition and is aged between six months and two years, they may also be invited for a seasonal flu vaccination during the autumn. 

Please make sure you attend their appointments. It is never too late to catch up if you have missed one – please contact your GP surgery or health visitor for advice.

More details about the vaccinations your child needs at each appointment are available below. 


8 weeks


12 weeks


16 weeks


12 to 13 months


Other vaccines

Each autumn, children aged six months to two years with a long-term health condition will be offered a seasonal flu vaccine at their GP surgery. This vaccine will help to protect more vulnerable children from flu and common infections linked to flu. 

Children aged six months to two years with a long-term health condition may also be offered COVID-19 booster vaccines.

Please make sure you take up these invitations for your child or children to increase their protection against serious disease.