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Seeing a pharmacist for common medical conditions

All pharmacists can offer over-the-counter medicines and advice for a wide range of common ailments and problems, without patients needing to see a doctor.

Some pharmacists can prescribe more medicines. An independent prescribing pharmacist can decide whether you need a prescription for problems including: ear, nose, mouth and eye conditions, sore throats, chest infections and coughs, urinary tract infections, gout, nausea and vomiting, vertigo and migraines, back and arthritic pain, and skin conditions like rashes and shingles.

Only qualified independent prescribing pharmacists at selected community pharmacies can prescribe medicines in this way. Please check where to find your nearest participating independent prescribing pharmacy and call before visiting to book an appointment in advance.

Your pharmacist can refer you to a doctor or other medical professional if they think you need more treatment.