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YouTube Videos

*We encourage parents/carers to watch the YouTube videos first to ensure they are appropriate for your child/young person.

Anxiety and low mood

Kem Cetinay
This video is Kem Cetinay talking about anxiety and how he manages it.

Three ways to overcome anxiety
This short video is on three ways to overcome anxiety and may be helpful.

Feeling sad and unhappy
The video is about feeling sad and unhappy.

Self soothe box
How to make a self soothe box and how to use it when anxious.

Self harm

Suicidal feelings
This video is about how to cope with suicidal feelings.

Self harm
The video is regarding dealing with self-harm.

Moving on from self-harm
The video is about moving on from self-harm.

Challenging behaviours 

Parenting courses
This video discusses parenting courses and how they can help families with children who may display some challenging behaviour.

Behaviour intervention strategies
This video is about behaviour intervention strategies.

Parenting tips
123 magic parenting tip video.

Talking about anger: young persons experiences.

ASD specific

Amazing things happen
Amazing things happen by Alexander Amelines. Explanation for young people – what is autism?

What is autism?
Explanation for parents or teenagers.

Autism awareness week
A video about autism awareness week.

Autism explained 
What is Autism explained.

Can you see me?
Autism awareness video - can you see me.

Good for both of us
This is a story of a mother and her son during their journey through CAMHS. It captures their experiences and opinions which have been translated into a web-based educational resource.

Assessment for Autism
An assessment pathway story explaining the ASD assessment process.

Post diagnosis and feedback
A brief film about a feedback session discussing outcome of assessment and highlighting the importance of a profile of the child/young person.

A parents perspective
A pre-assessment story informing and supporting families and carers of children awaiting an autism assessment. This was developed by a group of parents and young people based on their experiences of the referral process and describes strategies that can be tried whilst families are waiting for a referral for an assessment. 

About Me app
The About Me app, was created in response to feedback from young people with autism and it will help improve communication, support and information for children and young people with autism. The mobile app contains key information about a person with autism including a profile of their needs and strengths, a progress tracker of the assessment progress and information about support services available. It’s easily accessible for updating information and enables young people and their families to share key information with services at times of emergency and helps to reduce anxiety and ensure the most suitable support is identified.

I am me
Animation has been used to provide a safe and enjoyable way for young people with autism to share their feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Sensory processing

7 senses explained
SPD 7 senses explained to children and parents video.

Can you make it to the end?
Understand autism, the person and what to do.

Speech and language

Visual supports
Visual supports help to reinforce information that is given verbally and can help a child understand, make choices and know what to expected in a given situation.

Unexpected change: experience
This is what some autistic people face everyday.

How many questions can you answer?
Put your brain to the test and feel what it’s like to get too much information.

ADHD specific

ADHD explained to parents
Causes, symptoms, treatments and more. 

What is ADHD?
A video which explains what it is like to have ADHD.

Top tips - impulsivity
This video describes what parents and carers can do to help their child learn how to control the impulse to speak out of turn and/or act.

Top tips - attention
This video describes what parents and carers can do to help their child to improve their attentional control.

Top tips - hyperactivity
This video describes what parents and carers can do to manage their hyperactive child.

Living with ADHD
This is a story of a grandmother and her granddaughter, who has a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyper-activity disorder (ADHD). It highlights their experiences and opinions of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Zoe’s ADHD story
A story from a parent about her child with ADHD and all the challenges and joys of parenting the child.


Adverse childhood experiences 
This is a video for parents on adverse childhood experiences.


Can you stand rejection?
Employers don't see my abilities. They see my autism. They see a problem.

Daily living skills

Toileting tips
Some useful tips shared by parents and professionals to deal with toileting problems in children and young people.

Doing it together
The parents/carers from group in Newport have developed a 'survival guide with tips' to help them and other families.

Sleep hints and tips

Sleep tips from a parent
Some helpful tips and ideas to deal with sleep difficulties. This is a parent’s perspective.

Sleep - a professional view
Some helpful tips and ideas from professionals to deal with sleep.