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SEXtember 2021 - Ready to Play?

Your sexual health shouldn't be a lottery!

An image of a postcard created for the SEXtember campaign 2021

Have you and your partner consented?
You should only have sex if you and your partner are able to give consent. Sexual health, sex education and relationships charity Brook offers a useful guide to consent

Have you got condoms with you?
Condoms are available from a wide range of shops, including pharmacies and supermarkets. Free condoms are available from Frisky Wales or through the C-Card scheme in Wales.

Have you had a sexual health check-up recently?
Protect yourself and your partner from STIs. Get a free, discreet check-up via Frisky Wales' easy-to-use Test & Post service, or by visiting your local sexual health clinic

Are you on regular contraception?
If you are not planning to get pregnant, your local sexual health clinic or GP will be able to help you consider your options and get your contraception sorted. 

Do you need emergency contraception or HIV PEP?
If you've had unprotected sex, or think your contraception might have failed, you can use emergency contraception. Emergency contraception is available from most local pharmacies, your GP, nearest sexual health clinic or hospital emergency department.

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) reduces the risk of acquiring HIV for people who may have been exposed to HIV, including through unprotected sex, sexual assault or needle sharing. If you think you need HIV PEP, contact your nearest sexual health clinic or visit ED

Do you need to contact your local sexual health services?
Your local sexual health clinic, GP or Sexual Assault Referral Centre can provide detailed help and advice. 

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) helps people reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV as a result of their sexual behaviour, or other exposure to the HIV virus. PrEP involves taking drugs normally used to treat HIV, and is free for Welsh residents who meet certain criteria. Contact your local sexual health clinic to discuss starting PrEP or for more help and advice. 


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About our campaign

The aims of the SEXtember campaign are to:

  • increase awareness around local sexual health services - STI/HIV, contraception, abortion, sexual assault;
  • encourage people to get tested for STIs and HIV;
  • reduce unwanted pregnancies by promoting good contraception;
  • spread sexual health promotion to avoid infections, reduce transmission, especially late diagnosis of HIV;
  • reduce stigma around STIs and HIV; and
  • raise the profile of sexual health services.

Our campaign is designed to raise awareness of sexual health services in North Wales. If you live elsewhere in Wales, you can find information about services close to you at NHS 111 Wales.

If you would like further information about the SEXtember campaign, contact Dr Ushan Andrady, Campaign Lead, Consultant in Sexual Health/HIV on