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C2Hear Video Clips

C2Hear online is a series of short interactive videos about hearing aids, hearing loss and communication. C2Hear was developed by Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit (NIHR). C2Hear addresses practical and psychosocial issues about hearing aids and communication. The benefits of C2Hear are:

  • Better knowledge of hearing aids and communication
  • Better hearing aid handling skills
  • Greater use of hearing aids for people who don’t wear their hearing aids all of the time
  • Improved confidence and reassurance in using hearing aids and communicating

You can find out more about C2Hear by visiting their website here or by accessing their YouTube channel here.

Some of the C2Hear videos that you may find particularly useful are shown below:

Adapting to wearing hearing aids

What to expect when wearing hearing aids

Communication tactics

Using the phone and other devices