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Adult Service

The BCUHB Adult's Audiology service provides Audiology services (hearing testing and management of hearing loss) for adults living in North Wales. 

If you’re an existing patient having problems with your hearing aid, please see our self-help guides below

How to make an appointment 

If you are having difficulty with your hearing you should book an appointment to see your GP or Advanced Audiology Practitioner, if there is one available at your GP practice. This appointment will be to have your ears checked and determine if the difficulties you are experiencing are the result of a hearing loss, which may benefit from some assistance. 

If a hearing loss is detected, the GP/ Advanced Audiology Practitioner will refer you to the Audiology Department to discuss your needs. 

Timeline of appointments

At your audiology appointment you will be seen by an Audiology Clinician. Some Audiologists have specialist training in different areas such as balance, tinnitus and paediatrics. There may be an Audiology Trainee present during your appointment. If you do not wish to have a Trainee present please make your Audiologist aware. 

At the assessment appointment a Personal Plan will be developed outlining your needs and planned actions to help you overcome any needs that you have. The appointment you have next will be dependent on your individual requirements. 

If the decision is to have a hearing aid, then your next appointment will be to fit you with a behind-the-ear digital hearing aid. The Audiologist will set up the sound of the hearing aid to match your hearing loss and discuss what settings you would like the aid to have. You will be shown how the hearing aid works and advised on the best way to use the aid. 

A follow-up appointment will be agreed with you to check how you are getting on with the hearing aid. After your follow-up appointment it will be left to you to contact Audiology when required. 

Thinking of obtaining a hearing aid?

The NHS provides a hearing aid on loan, and batteries free of charge. The hearing aid is yours for as long as you require it, but it does remain the property of the NHS. The hearing aid will be repaired or replaced if it stops working. 

Gathering Feedback from Patients

Please use the links below to see the latest results of our service satisfaction questionnaires:

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