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Volunteer Service

Audiology volunteers working


The Hearing Aid Volunteer Service is available to all adults with NHS hearing aids in North Wales. It is supported by the Audiology Department and run by volunteers.

This adds value to the Audiology Service by providing peer support on hearing aid usage, coping with hearing difficulties and communication strategies, as well as practical support to those unable to regularly maintain their own hearing aids.

The volunteer service includes:

  • Retubing of earmoulds
  • Minor hearing aid servicing
  • Battery replacement
  • Cleaning of earmoulds
  • Peer support for individual Service Users and their carers and families in hearing aid maintenance and usage
  • Peer support for Service Users and their carers and families in coping with hearing difficulties and communication strategies
  • Signposting to other services including those addressing social isolation and relational difficulties

We have around 40 active volunteers across BCUHB, made up of 30 health board volunteers in the West and East areas, and 10 volunteers affiliated to a local charity (Hearing Aid VSS) in the Central area.

Volunteers visit people in their own homes where they find it difficult to come to Audiology clinics for the regular hearing aid maintenance. They also run drop-in sessions in their local areas, as a convenient way to access basic hearing aid maintenance in a relaxed environment for peer support and information sharing.