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Vaccinations for young adults & students

rYoung adults entering the workplace and students starting university or college will meet and mix with lots of new people. This presents an opportunity for infections to spread amongst people from different communities and across a wide area. 

We recommend all young adults, including new students, ensure they are up to date with vaccinations before they start work, university or college. 


What vaccines should I have?

Young adults should make sure they have received:

  • Two doses of the MMR vaccine    
    MMR vaccines are usually given at 12 months and three years and four months.

  • Two doses of the HPV vaccine
    HPV vaccination is usually given to boys and girls in school years eight and nine.
    Young adults who missed their HPV vaccination at school remain eligible to receive the vaccination at their GP surgery up to the age of 25.

  • One dose of the MenACWY vaccine
    The MenACWY vaccine is usually given in school year nine.

If you have any questions or queries or you think you may have missed a vaccine, please contact your GP surgery for further information and advice. 


Flu and COVID-19 vaccinations

If you have an underlying or long-term health condition, you may be eligible for a free NHS seasonal flu vaccine each autumn. This vaccine helps to protect you from flu and common infections linked to flu, and also protects other vulnerable members of your family and wider community.

You may also be eligible for COVID-19 booster vaccines. 

Please make sure you take up invitations to receive these vaccines to increase your protection against serious illness.


Vaccinations for work

Many workplaces ask employees to make sure they are fully up to date with routine vaccinations to reduce the risk of illness or disease.  

Some employers ask workers to have additional vaccinations to increase their protection. Some higher-risk job roles may require further vaccinations.

Advice on which vaccinations are recommended for your job role is available from your employer or occupational health department.


Other vaccinations

People with a range of underlying health conditions or who are exposed to greater risk of illness may require additional vaccinations, or additional doses of some vaccinations, to protect them from becoming unwell. 

Guidance and support for people with these underlying conditions or additional risk factors is available on a case by case basis from your GP surgery or specialist team.