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Welcome to the BCUHB Immunisations webpage. Here you will find information on the range of routine immunisations that are available to help keep you, your family and local community safe and well.

Why is immunisation important?

Immunisation saves lives. Worldwide, an estimated three million lives are saved every year through immunisation.

Immunisations protect you and your family against many serious and potentially deadly diseases and stops them spreading to more vulnerable members of the community, including infants too young to be vaccinated or those with existing medical conditions.

Vaccinations are safe and effective for the groups to which they are offered.

Vaccination preventable diseases remain a significant risk to the health of the people of North Wales. When we see vaccination uptake rates drop it can lead to outbreaks of some diseases. Examples include the measles outbreaks in Wales in 2012 and 2013, and more recently large measles outbreaks in parts of Europe, North America, and Samoa where several young children lost their lives to the disease. This reminds us that, to be most effective, immunisation relies on all of us taking up the offer of vaccination.

We need you!

These webpages have been designed to help you access important information about immunisation, including your eligibility for free immunisation. However, if you cannot find what you need, have any questions or queries, or if you think that you, your child, or another family member have missed a vaccine, please contact your GP Practice or Health Visitor for further information and advice.

Whilst it is important that vaccines are given on time for the best protection, you can still catch-up if you miss them.