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Help Me Quit in Hospital

Help to stop smoking while you are in hospital

Help Me Quit in Hospital offers specialist help for patients to stop smoking while they are in our hospitals, and to stay smoke-free after they leave. Patients can choose to get free help from their own personal stop smoking advisor, and free stop smoking medicines worth up to £250.

To protect our patients, staff and visitors from the harmful effects of smoking, all our hospital sites are fully non-smoking.

Stopping smoking – even for a short time – will improve your general health and your body’s response to treatment. If you need surgery, then stopping smoking can speed up your recovery and reduce the amount of time you have to spend in hospital. If you have an illness which affects your lungs, like COVID-19, flu or COPD, then it may be particularly helpful for you to stop smoking.

Advice sessions take place in person or over the phone. They are tailored to your needs and focus on what matters to you.


Protecting patients, staff and visitors

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. We recommend that patients use their time in hospital as an opportunity to quit smoking.

Help Me Quit in Hospital will provide nicotine replacement therapies (including options like patches or lozenges) during your stay in hospital to help you manage withdrawal symptoms. We will also offer one to one personal support from a dedicated advisor who can help you quit.

Patients should not smoke anywhere in our buildings or on our grounds. Under new laws passed by the Welsh Government anyone found smoking at hospital sites could be fined £100.


You’re four times more likely to quit with free help from the NHS

All our support is completely free, and non-judgmental. We’re here to help you quit – and can give you tips to help you avoid tricky situations, manage your cravings, and quit for good.

For more information about Help Me Quit in Hospital, please speak to the nursing staff on your ward.