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COVID-19 Vaccination Booster Information

We’re confident that we can make booster jabs available to all eligible adults in North Wales by December 31st, but we need your help to make this happen.

Please follow the advice below, which will help avoid lengthy queues at our COVID-19 vaccination sites.

Already booked in between now and 31st December? You’re good to go

There are currently 60,000 booked appointments in place for North Wales residents during December. We are having to find an additional 230,000 appointments for those who are eligible but don’t yet have an appointment this month.

It is therefore critical that if you have a booked appointment in December you keep to it. Don't contact us to rearrange as this slows down our efforts to protect others. You will be waiting until January for an alternative.

Online booking for those who don’t yet have an appointment during December

If you've not yet been invited to an appointment in December, you will now be able to book one online using our online booking service.

Appointments are being released in batches, to ensure that our IT infrastructure is able to manage demand.

If you have received an appointment from 1st January onwards, you will be contacted via text with instructions on how to bring your appointment forward using our online booking service.

Over the coming days we’ll be making 230,000 appointments available online at a range of clinics running across North Wales up until 31st December.

Booking online helps guarantee that you will receive your jab and reduces the time you have to queue. It also helps ensure that we have the correct levels of staff and vaccine available at each clinic.

Those who book ahead using our online booking service will always be prioritised in queues.

Please make every effort to book before December 31st as our capacity to administer COVID-19 jabs will be significantly reduced during early January.

Drop in clinics

You can now attend any of our vaccination sites without an appointment and get your vaccination, but booking online will help to avoid a potentially lengthy queue.

A number of drop in and ‘pop up’ mobile clinics will be held between now and 31st December. Some of these will be publicised online and in the local media. However, as others will target areas of high footfall (e.g. at supermarkets or shopping centres), where vaccine supply is likely to be used up very quickly, we won’t necessarily publicise these in advance.

Depending on take up of appointments using our online booking service, we may open additional drop ins at specific sites. Details of these may be communicated at short notice online.

Invitations from GP practices and community pharmacies

Some people may be invited directly by their GP practice or community pharmacy – but we urge people not to phone up to enquire about appointments at this time.

Please keep the telephone lines free for patients who need to access services.

Appointments at some vaccination clinics run by GP practices and community pharmacies can be booked using our online booking service.

Help us help you

This is one of the biggest challenges the NHS has ever faced and we need your support to ensure that we can protect as many people as quickly as possible.

Please help us help you:

  • Keep your appointment – if you have one between now and December 31st
  • Book an appointment in advance using our online booking service (if you don’t already have one booked in December)
  • Arrive at your appointment time (not early) to minimise queueing
  • Dress for winter weather and be prepared to queue
  • Wear a mask and maintain social distancing

We will not tolerate violence, aggression or abuse towards our staff or volunteers

We’re asking our staff to go above and beyond to keep you safe this Christmas. Many have voluntarily cancelled time off with their families to work on the frontline of our vaccination effort.

We will not tolerate violence, aggression or abuse towards our staff.

Anyone who causes alarm or distress to others at any of our vaccination centres may be asked to leave. In more serious circumstances the police will be contacted.

How to access a first or second dose for all eligible age groups

Its never too late to come forward for a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine - even if you turned it down when it was first offered.

You will now be able to book first and second doses using our online booking service 

We will also have walk-in opportunities and we’ll publicise these online and in the local media wherever possible.

See Public Health Wales' frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccination booster programme for more information on why should get the vaccine, safety/ efficacy and eligibility.