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Governance and Assurance

IMPORTANT COVID-19: Resetting Governance 

Set out below are a series of key documents which we consider of interest to members of the public:

Information about Governance and Assurance
All Wales DNACPR Policy 
Annual Plan
The Board’s Annual Plan sets out the key priorities for the Health Board.
Annual Quality Statements
All Health Boards and Trusts in Wales are required to produce an Annual Quality Statement. Its focus as suggested by its title is on the Quality Agenda.
Annual Governance Statements
The purpose of the Annual Governance Statement is to provide assurance regarding the Health Board's governance arrangements.
Annual Plan of Board Business
The Health Board produces a schedule of planned business for its cycle of Board Meetings. Whilst the agenda for Board Meetings are dynamic, the Annual Plan provides a high level overview of the scheduled business that is likely to be presented at a particular point in the year.
Annual Report and Accounts
Similar to all other large corporate bodies the Health Board is required to publish an annual report each year by the 30th September. These are presented formally at the annual public meeting in September. 
Business Continuity Guidance
Business Continuity Management is a management led process which identifies and mitigates risks and disruptions that could affect the performance of BCUHB.
Committees and Advisory Groups
The Health Board welcomes and encourages members of the public and press to attend its Board and Committee meetings. Members of the public and press are not permitted to speak at meetings (unless by subject of special arrangement).
Complaints and Concerns

We aim to provide the very best care and treatment and it is important that we welcome comments and learn from people’s experiences, good or bad.

Corporate Risk Register
The Health Board's latest Board approved Corporate Risk Register.  Together with latest Risk Management Policy and associated equality impact assessment.

Digital Strategy: Our Digital Future

Digital is the future and we know that we have to increase the pace of delivery, support people through this change, maximise the use of our budgets and additional funding with a clear plan for delivery today and for the future.

Engagement Strategies
Involving people in the planning, design and delivery of services helps to build partnerships with communities, recognise local issues and identify areas for service improvement are included within the Engagement Strategies.
Health Board Meetings
Information about our Health Board meetings, including agendas, dates and venues. 
Health Board Members
Information about our Health Board Members
Health and Care Standards
The Health and Care Standards set out the Welsh Government’s common framework of standards to support the NHS and partner organisations in providing effective, timely and quality services across all healthcare settings:
Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW)

The independent inspectorate and regulator of all health care in Wales.

Health and Safety Policy 
Managing health and safety is an integral part of managing the Health Board's business and by law the Health Board is required to have a written Health and Safety Policy

Holden Report
Holden Investigation Report that looked into the concerns raised by staff at the Hergest Unit in December 2013.

Locality Pen Profiles
Locality Pen Profiles have been developed as part of the North Wales Regional Partnership Board’s Community Services Transformation Programme, and are intended to support the development of place-based strategic planning and commissioning for health and care, across the region.

Ombudsman's Final Public Interest Reports

People Strategy and Plan
Our vision is to create a healthier North Wales, with opportunities for everyone to realise their full potential. This means that, over time, the people of North Wales should experience a better quality and length of life.

Performance and Accountability Framework

The Performance and Accountability Framework sets out the means by which the Health Board can easily identify areas of excellence for wider sharing and celebration and areas where additional support may be required. It is the framework by which the Board, Executive Leadership Team, hospitals, community & primary care area leadership and specialty teams, and corporate functions are held to account for their performance.

Publication Scheme
In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act), every public authority is required to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme. 

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) 
As a Health Board this is our first pharmaceutical needs assessment and its development has been overseen by a steering group which included representation from the health board, Community Pharmacy Wales, North Wales Local Medical Committee and North Wales Community Health Council.

Quality Improvement Strategy
Our purpose is to improve health and provide excellent care to the people of North Wales. We take this responsibility very seriously.
Standing Orders and Financial Instructions
Local Health Boards (LHBs) in Wales are required to agree Standing Orders (SOs) for the regulation of their proceedings and business including further information. 

Speech and Language Therapy Service - West Report

Visiting Times Policy
Visiting at all North Wales hospitals is currently restricted to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Further details can be found here.
Welsh Language
The Welsh Language Standards are a set of statutory requirements which are relevant to the Health Board.