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Activity and movement

When we are in pain we often avoid particular activities or movements. In the long term this can lead to our muscles becoming weaker and our joints stiffer which in the long term increases our pain.  Our mood can also be affected by avoiding the things we enjoy. We may also find ourselves in this Boom and bust cycle.

How can we manage our activities in a better way?

  • Regular gentle exercise or movement within comfort
  • Move in a controlled way keeping our muscles as relaxed as possible
  • Be aware of holding your breath ; try to breathe whist doing an activity
  • Pace your activity, splitting a task into smaller manageable chunks.
  • Take regular breaks
  • Find the balance between activity and rest
  • Over time, slowly increase the difficulty of an activity
  • Try to make an activity enjoyable or rewarding
  • Plan an activity, your day, your week
  • Set yourself limits for particular activities you know will flare up your pain
  • Set yourself realistic goals


footstep 3 - Pacing - Ten Footsteps to Living Well with Pain (