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Links to Local Services

Most CAMHS services work with the whole family to support a young person's mental health. This might include coming along to assessment and treatment appointments, depending on the child's age and what level of involvement they want. Someone, usually your parents, teacher, GP, or yourself if old enough, can refer you for an assessment with CAMHS to see what help you could get. 

Speech and Language Therapy
The SALT section on the website is for parents/ carers to have access to free advice, support and resources.

Children's Occupational Therapy
Here you can access strategies and advice to help develop a child's everyday skills such as handwriting, dressing, eating and general self-care activities.

Meic is the helpline service for children and young people up to the age of 25 years in Wales. From finding out what’s going on in your local area to help dealing with a tricky situation, Meic will listen even when no-one else will. They won’t judge you and will help by giving you information, useful advice and the support you need to make a change.

Mind are an unstoppable community of people in Wales who won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets the support and respect they deserve.

Action for Children
Action for Children has been working in Wales since 1911. They support vulnerable children, young people and families in Wales through nearly 80 projects and services, working in partnership with local authorities, health boards and other third-sector organisations.

The team provides a range of services for children, young people and families such as: children and young people’s substance use/misuse service, ardening and allotment projects plus much more. 

STAND North Wales
Offering youth group projects for children with SLCN and SEN. They run social groups as well as ASD specific programmes such as the Teen Life Programme.

Music and film charity offering a range of creative/artistic clubs and activities for all ages e.g. Ghostbuskers is a disability singing group. Singing contemporary and classic songs with an opportunity to socialise and play instruments. Any age, any disability.

Solihull Approach 
Award winning online courses about being a parent.