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Transitional Care

Transitional care is available on the postnatal wards at each of the 3 North Wales Hospitals.  The aim of transitional care is to keep mother & baby together which will assist with bonding and help to establish feeding.

A midwife will look after you, assisted by midwifery support workers and health care support workers.  Your baby will also be seen by the neonatal medical and nursing teams.  We will plan your baby’s care with you and we will encourage you to take an active role in the care of your baby.  Your baby will be reviewed twice a day by a neonatal nurse and once a day by a neonatal doctor.  Extra reviews of your baby can happen if you or the midwifery team are concerned about your baby.

In order to go home, your baby needs to be:

  • Taking all their feeds by mouth (or have a plan in place to give nasogastric tube feeds at home, in which case your care will be taken over by the neonatal outreach nursing team)
  • Maintaining their temperature in a normal cot

At a safe weight to be discharged (if your baby was very small when they were born then we may require them to be gaining weight before we are happy for them to go home)