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General Troubleshooting and Maintenance

General Trouble shooting and maintenance

If your hearing aid does not seem to be working, or you are not hearing well, watch the following video or try the following to see if you can solve the problem:


  • Check the battery is in correctly
  • Try putting in a new battery
  • Check the ear mould is not blocked with wax
  • Check for small droplets of moisture in the tubing
  • Check that the tubing is not twisted, squashed or split
  • If your hearing aid has a volume control, check that it is on the correct volume
  • If your hearing aid has a programme button/ switch, it may be on the wrong setting. Turn the aid off and back on, or try pressing the button

If the hearing aid is whistling, squealing or buzzing when you are wearing it:

  • Check that the mould is in your ear correctly
  • You may have excess wax in your ears, ask your GP to check your ears
  • If it buzzes and you have the Telecoil programme, check you are not on this setting

If you are still having problems after checking your hearing aid, please contact Audiology

Postal Services for Hearing Aid Repairs and Batteries

If you are unable to attend the open access service and you cannot wait for an appointment, a postal service is available.  If you are thinking of sending your hearing aid in for repair, please take your package to the post office for weighing. A regular 1st or 2nd class stamp is not adequate.  The Post Office will not deliver items that have incorrect postage attached and will result in a delay. 
Please make sure you send us:
Your hearing aid(s)
Your battery record card
A brief explanation of the problem you are having

Do not send us:
Your blue information folder
Used batteries

Need Batteries?
Use our online form to request new batteries and tubing for your hearing aid