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Hospital Appointment Reminder Text Consent Form

Unless you have told us otherwise, all our patients currently receive a text to remind them of upcoming outpatient appointments. This is a basic text message, which contains date and time of an appointment only.

Patients who have given consent to receive text reminders will receive a more detailed message which will include the first name of the patient, date and time of the appointment, the specialty (e.g. Respiratory) and the location of the appointment. 

In order to receive the additional appointment information you will need to opt-in by completing the consent form below. 

Please complete the consent form if your details have changed and you need to update them. 

If the mobile number you enter is not your personal number e.g. it belongs to family member or friend, please ensure they are informed and you have their permission. Receiving an appointment reminder for an appointment they are not aware of can lead to confusion and unnecessary calls to the booking centre.

Complete our Hospital Appointment Reminder Consent Form