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For adults with BMI over 30kg/m2

  • A 12 week group programme delivered by a Registered Dietitian with regular support for a year.
  • You can join our programmes or in venues across North Wales or you can join our virtual groups by video link from your own home.
  • The programme is designed to provide the tools and support you need for successful, sustainable weight loss with a focus on promoting health and wellbeing. You’ll receive a handbook and helpful resources and we will support you to work towards what matters to you.

Topics covered

  • Week 1: Best way to lose weight
  • Week 2: Healthy eating
  • Week 3: Portion sizes
  • Week 4: Changing your eating habits
  • Week 5: Individual goal setting
  • Week 6: Gaining control of your eating
  • Week 7: Physical activity
  • Week 8 : Meal planning
  • Week 9: Shopping and using food labels
  • Week 10: Eating and drinking when you’re out
  • Week 11: Mind Matters
  • Week 12: Staying Focused