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Help me to be Healthy - For children and young people

If your child is aged 2-17 and struggles with their weight there is a service that may be able to help. The ‘Help Me To Be Healthy’ team works across North Wales and supports your child (and the whole family) to make small, sustainable changes to improve their health. The programme lasts for 12 months, includes information about food choices and support for your child to increase activity. The team includes a Consultant, Dietitian and Occupational Therapist, plus keyworkers who will offer individual support and guidance throughout the 12 months.

The team approach is very gentle and supportive and children/families who have already completed the programme have made the following comments;

“by allowing myself to make these changes, its allowed me to understand what these changes do and how they have made me feel a lot better about myself, the team are very helpful, when needing information allowing to make these changes, and are absolutely amazing to work with, i am truly thankful for how they have helped me with my changes and my weight loss,"

“Thank you so much to the whole team who have been fantastic with ****. It is not easy for a teenager to talk about sensitive issues and you have all given him so much support and made him feel at ease. As a parent I have never felt judged, picked up loads of useful tips and have felt supported from day one. Thank you so much.”

“I feel the program has help a lot I feel a lot more healthier. I can also run a lot more without getting out of breath. I love this program because it is so much fun looking at all the different labels when we didn’t look as much as before, it can be a bit of a game when in the shop my mum and step dad make it fun in the shops when we do the shopping. We reduced portions sides and we also reduced snacks and more healthier snacks can still have treats but healthy treats. “

If you are ready to support your child make healthy changes then please ask your GP, school nurse, or any other health professional who sees your child to check if they are eligible and make a referral.

If you would like further information about the service first please contact us on

Tel: 03000 854420        Email: