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Long Covid FAQs

Is this service available for children?

We are an adult service, however The Alder Hey Long Covid Service can be accessed by patients in North Wales.  Please contact your GP to discuss this further.

What treatment is available to patients in North Wales?

The patient will have an initial assessment with a member of the multi-disciplinary team.  The clinicians will then develop a plan in collaboration with the patient. Our Long Covid Service provides a range of support and clinical interventions individually tailored to patient needs.  These include: a pacing programme for fatigue management, support for better sleep, exercises and strategies for managing breathlessness, intervention for “brain fog” issues such as memory and concentration difficulties, medication review and monitoring, pain management, help for low mood and anxiety; and support for the ways in which Long Covid is affecting people’s roles and responsibilities in their wider life at home and at work.

How long am I likely to wait to be seen?

As we are a new and currently small team covering a large geographical area, we do have a waiting list due to the large number of referrals we have received since the service launched.  It is difficult to advise specific timescales at this time due to ongoing recruitment.  However, please rest assured we are working to expand the workforce of the service so please bear with us, as we will endeavour to get to you as soon as possible.

What is the referral process into the Service?

You can refer yourself directly into the service.  Alternatively, you can request to be referred by your GP or health professional.

The referrals come into our shared mailboxes for East, Centre or West where they are added onto our database. The mailboxes are checked daily by our admin coordinators, then the referral is triaged by our MDT clinicians to assess whether it is an appropriate referral and meets the criteria.  If the referral is deemed to be appropriate, e.g. symptoms of long covid lasting more than 12 weeks and aged over 18, then it is added onto our clinical system and booked into the nearest available clinic slot with the most appropriate clinician.  Our admin team telephone the patients to book an appropriate clinic appointment, and a letter is sent out to the patient to confirm this.

Is the Long COVID Service in North Wales up and running now?

The service is going really well, it opened to referrals on 2 December 2021.  Between then and the end of January 2022, we have received over 300 referrals.  The majority of these are self-referrals, with around 16% coming from Health Professionals.  We have a multidisciplinary team which currently consists of Advanced Practitioners, a GP, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, and a Specialist Physiotherapist, along with an admin support function.  Recruitment is ongoing to expand the clinical team to allow us to run more clinics and see more patients as the service develops.  We now provide our service in various areas across North Wales, avoiding the need for patients to travel long distances to access our services.  We are due to start group intervention sessions from February.