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Quality, Safety and Experience Committee

Committee Chair Mrs Lucy Reid
Vice Chair Mrs Jackie Hughes
Committee Members

Cllr Cheryl Carlisle

Lead Executive Mrs Gill Harris

Secretariat: Philippa Peake-Jones can be contacted via 

Terms of Reference v8.0 Sept 2021

Committee Annual Report 2020-21

Meetings of the Quality, Safety and Experience Committee will be held on the following dates and papers can be accessed  via the links below when available:

1.11.22 Agenda V3.0
6.9.22  Agenda v1.0
5.7.22 Agenda V3.0


26.5.22 Agenda v1.0 Extraordinary meeting


3.5.22 Agenda v2.0

23.3.22 Agenda V2.0 - Extraordinary Meeting  
1.3.22 Agenda v2.0  
11.1.22 Agenda v5.0  
2.11.21 V3.0 updated 1.11.21  

7.9.21 V2.0 updated 3.9.21

Presentation item QS21.138

Approved Minutes
6.7.21  V3.0 updated 1.7.21 Approved Minutes
4.5.21 Approved Minutes
2.3.21 Approved Minutes


Presentation slides item QS21/7

Approved minutes

Agenda and papers 2020

Minutes of Meeting

24.11.20 (Joint Meeting with Audit Committee)

Appendix 1 Item JAQS20/8

Approved Minutes
3.11.20 Approved Minutes

28.8.20 Agenda bundle updated V2.0

Presentation for item QS20/156 Pandemic Update - Wrexham outbreak

Presentation for item QS20/166 HIW annual report (embargoed until 28.8.20)

Approved Minutes
29.7.20 Approved Minutes

3.7.20   Approved Corporate Safeguarding Annual Report and Appendix 3

Approved Minutes
5.5.20 Approved Minutes
17.3.20 Approved Minutes
28.1.20 V2.0 republished 22.1.20 Approved Minutes
Agenda and papers 2019 Minutes of meeting
19.11.19 (agenda updated on 14.11.19) Approved Minutes
5.11.19 Joint Meeting with Audit Committee Approved Minutes
24.9.19 Approved Minutes
16.7.19 Approved Minutes
21.5.19 Approved minutes
19.3.19 incl IQPR Approved minutes
22.1.19 Approved minutes

For previous minutes and papers, please contact the relevant Secretariat as named above