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Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG)

he role of the Stakeholder Reference Group is to provide:

  • Continuous engagement and involvement in the determination of the Health Board's overall strategic direction;
  • Provision of advice on specific service proposals prior to formal consultation; as well as
  • Feedback on the impact of the Health Board operations on the communities it serves.

The full role of the Group is detailed in the Terms of Reference (V6.0 updated Aug 2019)

The annual workplan sets out the Group’s working practices, business standards and work programme including the requirement for a Cycle of Business which is revised regularly.

The Group provides an annual report of activity to the Board  

Chair: Clare Budden
Vice Chair:  Cllr Mike Parry
Lead Director: Helen Stevens Jones Director Partnerships, Engagement and Communication
Lead Officer: Katie Sargent, Assistant Director Communications

Secretariat Contact: Laura Jones • e-mail  (03000) 858462

The approved minutes of the Group are accessible by clicking on the links below

Agenda  Approved minutes
20.9.21  Approved Minutes
28.6.21 Approved Minutes


Approved minutes
14.12.20  14.12.20
28.9.20 28.9.20 Approved notes
22.6.20 22.6.20
3.3.20 3.3.20
17.12.19 17.12.19
10.9.19 10.9.19
4.6.19 4.6.19
5.3.19 5.3.19

For previous minutes and papers, please contact the relevant Secretariat as named above