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Audit Committee

The purpose of our Audit Committee is to: 

  • Advise and assure the Board and the Accountable Officer on whether effective arrangements are in place - through the design and operation of the LHB’s system of assurance - to support them in their decision taking and in discharging their accountabilities for securing the achievement of the LHB’s objectives, in accordance with the standards of good governance determined for the NHS in Wales.

Where appropriate, the Committee will advise the Board and the Accountable Officer on where, and how, its assurance framework may be strengthened and developed further.

The full role of the Committee is detailed in the Terms of Reference (updated Jan 2020) 

A workplan is agreed annually and sets out the Committee's working practices, business standards and work programme including the requirement for a Cycle of Business which is revised regularly. 

The Committee's Annual Report for 2019-20 can be found here

Committee Chair:  Cllr Medwyn Hughes
Committee Independent Members:  Mrs Jackie Hughes, Mrs Lyn Meadows 
Lead Director:  Louise Brereton, Board Secretary 

Secretariat: Dawn Sharp can be contacted by email.

The agenda, papers and minutes of the Committee meetings are accessible below:



AC21.26 to AC21.28




AC21.32a to AC21.36d

AC21.37 to AC21.38b

18.3.21 Draft Minutes
17.12.20 Approved Minutes

24.11.20 (Joint Meeting with Quality, Safety & Experience Committee)

Appendix 1 Item JAQS20/8

17.9.20 Approved Minutes
28.7.20  Approved Minutes


The following documents considered in closed session were approved by the Audit Committee and are now published below:-

Approved Minutes
19.3.20 Approved Minutes
Agenda and Papers 2019 Approved Minutes
12.12.2019. Approved Minutes

5.11.2019 Joint Meeting with Quality

Safety & Experience Committee

Approved Minutes


Approved Minutes
30.05.2019 Approved Minutes
14.03.2019 Approved Minutes

For previous minutes and papers, please contact the relevant Secretariat as named above