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Maternity visiting guidance

Visiting arrangements to paediatrics, neonatal units, all other wards and Emergency Departments is available here.

All of our hospital sites are smoke free: Information to protect our patients staff and visitors from the harmful effects of smoking.

We have returned to pre-COVID-19 maternity inpatient visiting arrangements 

Following an update to national guidance in Wales on COVID-19 infection prevention and control, pre-COVID-19 maternity visiting arrangements are back in place for:

  • maternity inpatient visiting
  • birth

The situation in any health care setting can change rapidly. For the safety of our babies, patients, visitors and staff restrictions may be re-introduced at short notice. We will continue to be informed by community transmission rates, COVID-19 admission numbers, hospital outbreaks, Infection Prevention Control Policy and local risk assessments.

To request further information on how we assess maternity visiting arrangements, you can get in touch here.

Lateral Flow testing and screening checks

Visitors will no longer be required to provide evidence of a Lateral Flow Test (LFD) and therefore will not require individual screening or triaging at entry to the ward. We do however ask that all visitors remain vigilant for symptoms in the interests of protecting our patients, babies, staff and visitors.

Testing positive for COVID-19 or other infections

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 or has symptoms, will not be permitted to visit. Visitors should not attend if they, or members of their household, have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 or other infections, for example Influenza, Norovirus etc.


Up to two birth partners can be present during active labour.

Maternity inpatient visiting

Open visiting

A single birth partner or other nominated person if the birth partner is unable to attend, can visit the antenatal/ postnatal wards at any time between 9am to 8pm daily, no booking is required. Siblings of the baby are also welcome to attend along with the single birth partner or other nominated person during this time to meet their new family member(s).

Rest time

Between 12pm to 2pm we aim to give mums and babies time to rest and we ask that single birth partners and nominated persons who are in attendance, respect this time.

General visiting

General visiting is from 2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 8pm (no booking is required), for up to two visitors at any one time at the bedside unless there are special circumstances. The limit on the number of people allowed at the bedside remains to protect our patients, babies, staff and other visitors . 

Visitors are not permitted in areas whereby there are suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, except in exceptional circumstances. Facemasks must be worn with additional PPE measures for visiting a COVID red area or as a nominated birth partner to a COVID positive patient. Staff will guide visitors through this process.

Visitors should not attend if they, or members of their household, have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 or other infections, for example Influenza, Norovirus etc.

Established labour, attending theatre and emergency caesarean sections

Up to two birth partners can attend with their partner when they are in active labour. Only a single birth partner can attend theatre for an elective or emergency caesarean section.

Visitors must comply at all times with the following safety measures that are in place:

  • Adhere to instructions and information on keeping a safe distance from others
  • Good hand hygiene and washing of hands, including the use of the alcohol gel provided on the ward/ unit
  • Good respiratory hygiene – ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it approach’
  • Keep personal items to a minimum and on person at all times
  • Children under the age of 16 will not be permitted in the inpatient area unless they are a sibling of the new baby.


Those attending antenatal appointments/ clinics will be required to wear a facemask, which will be provided. Please follow COVID-19 guidance provided in your appointment letter and also by the health care professionals during your appointment. 

A single birth partner or nominated other can attend the following appointments, providing that they are not testing positive for COVID-19 or showing symptoms:

  • Antenatal Clinics in a hospital setting 
  • Consultant Antenatal Clinics in hospitals and other community health care settings
  • All Obstetrics scan appointments (ultrasounds) also in hospitals and other community health care settings
  • The Maternity Outpatient Assessment Unit and Early Labour Assessment Unit

Home birth

Update – October 2022

Our home birth service will remain temporarily suspended due to ongoing system pressures.

Our primary concern is the safety of our mothers and babies and in the event of a home birth needing emergency transfer to a hospital, we must be confident of a timely response. All women who request a home birth will be advised of the situation and a comprehensive risk assessment completed to support them to make an informed decision. If they wish to continue with the plan to birth at home they will be fully supported by our community Midwives.

The suspension of the service will be regularly reviewed over the next few months.

Keeping in touch with family and friends

We encourage family and friends of patients under our care to consider alternative ways of keeping in touch. This includes the use of our hospitals’ free WiFi to use FaceTime or video calling. We can help make this happen and inpatients can loan an IPAD from our can Patient Advice and Liaison Support Service (PALS) to use on the ward.

Patient Advice and Liaison Support Service (PALS)

They are here to help you and will do their best to resolve issues quickly and directly with those concerned. If you have an enquiry about visiting restrictions or a concern about a friend or relative who has been admitted, please contact PALS, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday except Bank holidays).