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Young people's daily meeting

All young people and staff meet together twice a day. This is where you will find out:

  • the staff that are on duty
  • plan activities
  • plan sessions

This is your opportunity to ask for support and to support other young people. This is also a chance for you to raise concerns with another young person if they they have acted in a way that you feel in inappropriate and they can do the same with the aim of putting things right between you both. Everyone is expected to attend these meetings.

Progress and planning (P&P)

A Progress and Planning meeting takes place every two weeks. The professionals involved in your care will attend, including your Nursing Team and Community Care Coordinator, to make sure that everyone is on track and understands your progress. The purpose of the meeting is to review the last two weeks and then plans and goals for you are set for the following two weeks‘ of It is important to us that you have your voices heard in this meeting and you will be given a choice to attend if you wish to. You can contribute with any questions or goals that you would like to achieve for the next two weeks and the views of your parents and or carers will also be invited to contribute and ask questions.

We will show you your P&P summary. It is important that you contribute with any questions or goals that you would like to achieve for the next two weeks. The views of your parents and or carers are important and they will be invited to contribute and ask questions. 

Review meetings

You will have a review every 4 to 6 weeks to discuss how your treatment is going, your progress in education and how things are at home. 

You will have a choice to attend along with:

  • your parents and/ or carers 
  • members of your community team
  • your NWAS treatment team (including education) 
  • your social worker (if you have one)
  • advocate if requested

This is an important opportunity for you all to meet with your team to plan and discuss your progress and your future. Discussions on your your progress will take place with your community support team and what needs to be in place to make your discharge successful.