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Working with Teenagers

Typically, the biggest time of growth in our brains is in the first three years of our life, before we are three years old. After this, the next time of big brain development is when we are teenagers. If your children are already teenagers, you may have noticed some differences in how they behave. As your teenagers hit puberty, and are coping with the changes in their bodies, they also have to cope with the changes in their brain.

Being a teenager with a neurodevelopmental disorder can be a very tricky time for your young person, you as carers, and the whole family. The resources in this pack aim to provide tools for managing those times as well as providing information on where you can find other support. Topics include:

  1. Understanding a diagnosis
  2. What is Autism?
  3. What is ADHD?
  4. Understanding behaviours
  5. Communication is key
  6. Stress and anxiety
  7. Puberty, sexuality and intimate relationships
  8. Developing independence

Downloadable documents: