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Our one-stop hysteroscopy service offers diagnostic tests and treatments for a range of different conditions including:

  • Abnormal uterine bleeding (post menopausal bleeding, heavy menstrual bleeding, inter-menstrual bleeding, post-coital bleeding etc)
  • As part of fertility investigations (removal of lost or embedded coils, removal of endometrial/ small fibroid polyps, removal of septums, removal of coils/ insertions of coils, endometrial ablations)

Outpatient hysteroscopy service not only avoids the need for multiple hospital visits but also provides all relevant tests and treatments as appropriate in one visit and without the need for general anaesthetic.

Referrals for this procedure are accepted from GPs and other appropriate Healthcare Professionals. If you require an appointment at this clinic will you will be sent specific information and instructions.

What will happen when you attend the clinic?

When you arrive at hospital you will need to check in at the reception in the Gynaecology Outpatient Department.

Patients often require an ultrasound scan prior to treatment. This may be performed by the Consultant/ Doctor as part of your visit or alternatively you may be directed to the Scan Department first.

After the scan, the Consultant or Nurse will obtain your detailed history and if the scan result indicates that a hysteroscopy is appropriate, the procedure will be explained to you and then undertaken. This involves inserting a thin telescope (hysteroscope) through the neck of the womb to visualise the inside of the womb. A small sample of tissue (a biopsy) or removal of polyp/ other procedures may be undertaken if appropriate.

You and your GP will be kept informed of the results when they become available.