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What to expect

You are likely to be contacted by our endoscopy team after you have been referred by your GP or hospital specialist. In some cases you may be contacted to arrange a follow-up (e.g. due to a stomach ulcer) or surveillance (e.g. due to previous polyps in the bowel) procedure.

You will be added to the endoscopy waiting list once our administrative team have received your referral information. The waiting times for each procedure vary depending upon the urgency and the type of procedure that has been requested.

If you develop any new symptoms after you have been referred we advise that you seek further medical advice. Please note that our administrative staff are not medically trained and should not be contacted for this reason. 

Our endoscopy booking team will either contact you by phone with an appointment date or you will be sent a letter to contact a dedicated telephone line to make your appointment. You will have 14 days to respond to the letter and phone the department. If we you do not contact us within this period your referral will be returned to the referring doctor.