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Breast Care

The Breast Care Team specialises in diagnosing and managing breast conditions.

The team is made up of a range of professionals who include surgeons, breast care nurses, oncologists, radiologists and pathologists. The breast care nursing team members are highly trained in dealing with a variety of breast problems.

Advice and treatment is tailored to individual needs and they will do their best to make patients feel reassured and informed about their condition and treatment.

We aim to diagnose conditions as quickly as possible and in some cases it may be possible to have an examination, X-rays and discharge from the clinic in one visit. If further tests are required, we aim to do these and get the results back as quickly as possible. Routine tests include mammograms, ultrasound, aspiration of cysts (draining) and core biopsies (samples of tissues).

If surgery is required, some procedures can be done as day surgery (e.g. removal of some breast lumps) also some surgery for cancer may be suitable for day surgery. Certain procedures need to be done as an inpatient stay.