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Young Theatr Clwyd actors visit hospital for special outdoor performance


Patients at Mold Community Hospital were delighted with a visit from Theatr Clwyd’s young performers. 

In an outdoor special performance, the performers aged between 10-14 shared various short plays that they had written inspired by letters from the patients, read poems, told jokes by passing luggage labels through windows, drew pictures, played games on the windows, and shared cookies they had made. 

The group was made up of 27 volunteers who are from one of Theatr Clwyd’s weekly drama and creativity workshops. Over a period of four weeks they used various art forms to develop a relationship with the more long-term patients of Mold Community Hospital. Focussing on the theme of ‘memories’, the young people initially wrote letters to the patients asking them about their childhood memories and about what was different when they were growing up (food, language, hobbies, school). 

Using their responses as inspiration, the young people set about creating a series of activities that would engage, entertain, and encourage interactions between the patients and the volunteers. 

Diane Sweeney, Activities Co-ordinator and Patient Experience Champion at Mold Community Hospital, said: “It was wonderful to welcome these young performers to the hospital, and for our patients to experience such joy on our doorstep. The patients who were able to come outside really enjoyed themselves, and the activities to do in the lead up to the performance really got our patients excited to meet the young people in person.  

“It was great that those who stayed inside still got to experience the window activity and we will continue to develop new ways of ensuring we stay in touch.” 

Due to restrictions large groups are not able to visit the wards, so some patients watched and participated through the windows. Calling the project ‘Windows’, the young people had to be even more creative in devising their activities and thinking of different ways of communicating through the windows. 

During the sunny day, some patients were able to come outside to watch, and they paired with some of the actors to write their own stories, which the children read out to the group. 

Director of Creative Engagement, Gwennan Mair, said: “We had great fun meeting the patients of Mold Community Hospital and share in activities together. For the next meeting, our young people have invited them to share in pizza and a talent show on Zoom. We are looking forward to continuing our new friendship together.”