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Wrexham Maelor researchers participate as investigators in a new UK first-in-human vaccination trial


Researchers are looking for volunteers to join its first-in-human vaccinations trial in the UK in the fight against mpox (previously known as monkeypox).

The North Wales Clinical Research Facility (NWCRF) are conducting the clinical trial sponsored by Moderna for investigational vaccines aimed at fighting mpox and influenza. 

The mpox study, called the mPower Trial, is helping researchers learn more about an investigational vaccine called mRNA-1769, that is being tested to see if it can preventillness from the mpox virus.  The mPower Trial aims to study the safety profile and immune response to mRNA-1769. 

The mPower Trial, being held at the North Wales Clinical Research Facility next to Wrexham Maelor Hospital, is currently enrolling adults between the ages of 18 and 49 who are in generally good health to take part in the investigational vaccine trial.  

Dr Orod Osanlou, Director of NWCRF and Consultant in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, internal medicine, said: “Global viruses have the potential to change, causing hospitalisations and death around the world. That’s why it’s important to potentially prepare for outbreaks by studying investigational vaccines. 

The research facility also has a database called Consent 4 Consent (C4C), an internal secure database of patients and volunteers who wish to be considered as potential participants for future research projects.  

Dr Osanlou said: “We are encouraging volunteers and patients to sign up to take part in our research projects. Nearly all research needs the help of volunteers in order to find out whether the investigational vaccines are safe and effective.  

“This is completely voluntary, you can choose to be removed from the database at any point. Some studies will also reimburse volunteers’ expenses for travel and inconvenience.” 

If you’re interested in participating in either of these clinical trials, or wish to join the research trial database please contact the NWCRF research team via 03000 858032 or email