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Dedicated Nutritionist shortlisted for top national nutrition award


Voting is now open for Paula Edwards, our Clinical Nutrition Nurse Specialist Lead, who has been shortlisted for an 'Outstanding Achievement' Award at the upcoming Clinical Nutrition (CN) Awards.

Paula from Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) has been nominated for a CN Award by Jane Power, Deputy Head of Dietetics and Acute Team Lead BCUHB East, for her consistent committed work over the past 24 years.

Jane said: “Paula is an inspirational, passionate, driven and committed Clinical Nutrition Nurse Specialist Lead within BCUHB. 

“Over the past 24 years, Paula has consistently initiated and implemented improvements in nutritional care and safety, with an exceptional patient-centred approach. This has ranged from the day-to-day delivery of patient care within both primary and secondary care, devising and delivering education and training programmes, to working strategically within the Health Board and with national partners whilst managing a team of Nutrition Nurse Specialists, truly a superhero.

“In order to make a difference, Paula’s personality and networking skills enables her to seamlessly interface with an array of stakeholders, including commissioners, procurement teams or the Chief Nursing Officer for Wales, to name a few.”

Paula’s achievements throughout her career include developing and successfully implementing the BCUHB Nasogastric Tube Feeding Decision Tree pathway to support patients, nursing and medical staff achieve a safe holistic approach, reducing the risks and ensuring the right treatment is given at the right time and place.

Paula developed key nutrition documents including parenteral nutrition and enteral tube feeding within BCUHB. She also supported the development of a North Wales Adult Home Parenteral Nutrition Service in conjunction with the Welsh Adult Parenteral Nutrition Network.

Jane added: “Paula is an inspiration and if we could bottle her energy, experience and drive, it would be a best seller. We are very proud of all of her achievements and the legacy she bestows on her successors. Paula is a perfect and deserving nominee for the Outstanding Achievement Award in her year of retirement.”

Paula said: “I’d like to thank Jane and the rest of our team for nominating me, it was a lovely surprise to be nominated and shortlisted for this award, especially during my retirement year. Thank you to anyone who votes for me, I’ve had a fantastic career that I’m proud of and this is just the icing on the cake.”

The CN Awards recognise great work which has made a significant difference within the nutrition industry – whether an individual, group or organisation.

You can vote for Paula here. The voting process closes on 20 July 2023.