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How can I access SilverCloud?

Sign up directly online.

You can access SilverCloud directly without a referral from your GP by visiting: Further information on how to use the service and what to expect can be found in our SilverCloud Self-Referral Guide.

Additional support

We have launched a partnership with south Gwynedd based charity Tan y Maen to help people access SilverCloud courses.

If you need help to access SilverCloud or you would like further information on whether it is the right tool for you, please click here to complete a simple questionnaire.

Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, you will be contacted by Tan y Maen to arrange a telephone introduction to SilverCloud.

Ongoing support to navigate Silvercloud will be provided by telephone and WhatsApp message. This is in addition to the psychological support provided directly through SilverCloud Supporters, which lasts for 12 weeks.

Tan y Maen’s system based support will continue for a further 3 months after Silvercloud support has ended so you can continue to use the service.