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How to look after your physical wellbeing

Keeping Active

Evidence suggests that physical exercise changes your brain chemistry and releases “happy” hormones which in turn can make you feel more positive, being physically active is more important than ever. The latest guidelines can be viewed at the following link

To find out more check out the Public Health Wales Keeping Active page.

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

Planning healthy meals and snacks is more important than ever to keeping us fit and boost our immune system. In addition to keeping the weight off, staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet based upon a variety of foods can also help lift your mood.

To find out more check out the Public Health Wales Eating Well at Home page.


You might have noticed that you have been drinking more since staying at home. Reducing our alcohol intake, to within current guidelines, can help you boost your immune system, help you to sleep more and also help improve your mood. Alcohol may also have an impact on some of your medications and stop them working properly.

There is no safe limit of the amount of alcohol people can drink. So we recommend that you stick within the current guidelines:

  • Drink less than 14 units a week
  • Spread any drinking out over three or more days
  • If you are pregnant, or there is a chance you could be, it is safest not to drink at all

For more information on how you can check how much you are drinking, and for a range of tips to help you reduce your alcohol intake check out the Public Health Wales Alcohol page.


Smokers are more at risk of getting COVID-19 due to their lungs being weaker and because they have more hand-to-mouth contact. By quitting smoking, you can increase the efficiency of your lungs and give yourself a better chance of recovering from COVID-19.

To find out more check out the Public Health Wales Smoking page.