Health and Wellbeing Courses

BCUHB’s Self Care Office offers a range of free health and wellbeing courses for adults who live with long term health conditions and carers in communities across North Wales.

EPP Cymru

EPP Cymru courses are to maintain and improve quality of life through self management. The courses are about learning important skills including managing your symptoms, dealing with stress, depression and low self-image, developing coping skills, learning ways to relax, eating healthily and planning for the future.

Healthy Hearts

This course provides information for any individual who has or is at risk of cardiovascular disease, covering increasing physical activity, smoking cessation, safe alcohol consumption and healthy diet information. The structured education also includes the participants setting goals and change plans to apply the information to day to day life.

Connecting with People

These courses include Emotional Resilience, Community Suicide Awareness, Self Harm Awareness and Self Harm Response. 

X-PERT Diabetes Education

X-PERT Diabetes Education is run by health professionals for patients with type 2 diabetes. It provides information on self managing type 2 diabetes and the latest treatments available. It also provides the opportunity for participants to explore and address problems they have with diabetes.

Foodwise for Life

This course provides information to support and encourage people to manage their weight in a healthy way. It covers topics such as portion sizes, moving more, dealing with hunger and cravings, food labels and over coming barriers.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

5 Ways to Wellbeing aims to help people to take action to improve their wellbeing and incorporate more wellbeing activities into their lives.


This course is for anyone living with diabetes and aims to provide you with some 'tools' and information to improve your ability to manage your foot health.

Healthy Footsteps

Healthy Footsteps is aimed at anyone living with a long term health condition or who cares for someone with a long term health condition. It aims to provide you with the 'tools' and information to improve you ability to self manage your foot health.

NHS Hearing Aid Support

This course is for anyone who has an NHS hearing aid and aims to teach you to maintain your hearing aids.


For more information please contact the Self Care Office on 03000 852 281. For EPP Cymru courses please phone 03000 852 280 or email

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