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8-11 years old

At this age, children’s worlds are widening and they are starting to become more independent at home, in school and within their broader community.  You have an important role as a parent or trusted adult to encourage this by helping them to develop their social connections, relationships and networks of support.  

Allow them to explore their own interests whilst learning about boundaries. Encourage them to be polite, considerate and respectful of others and offer help if others need it.    

Children of this age are developing their emotional awareness; help your child to work through their feelings, whilst also helping them to understand how others may feel.  

Play is still important for children at this stage of their development.  Allow them to make time for creative and imaginative play and stories.  Support them to try new activities and to persevere when it might be hard or when they make mistakes. Remind them to play fairly and be kind.

Support your child to make healthy choices for both their physical and mental wellbeing. Create opportunities for your child to learn how to look after their own wellbeing.  Be a positive role model for your child.  

Support them to learn about the safe use of technology and the internet.  Help them to learn to make informed decisions.

Please click below to find out more.  Remember that one activity, such as playing with your child, often means you’ve achieved many of the five ways to wellbeing through a single activity.  Examples of activities include:

Doing five ways to wellbeing doesn’t need to cost anything.  It’s more about being present in the moment (putting the phone to one side for a few a minutes) and giving your child your time and attention. 

Allow your child to Connect with their friends and Be Active at the park.  Widen their understanding and allow them to Keep Learning through teaching them how to cook a simple meal.  Give your time and attention to listen to how their school day went. Encourage them to Take Notice of the needs of their pets and share looking after them with you.   

Be Active
Keep Learning
Take Notice