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16-18 years old

As your child grows from adolescence into adulthood, they will still require your guidance and support to maintain their wellbeing, make good decisions and build their resilience.  As they become more independent, help them to take responsibility to look after their own wellbeing, keeping themselves and other safe. 

Encourage them to engage positively with their community and to build and maintain healthy and respectful relationships.

Please click below to find out more.  Remember that one activity can often achieve many of the five ways to wellbeing.  Examples of activities include:

Doing five ways to wellbeing doesn’t need to cost anything.  At stage, you can support your child through promoting essential life skills and encouraging them to remain curious and willing to learn new things into adulthood. 

Encourage your child to develop healthy and respectful relationships, grow their support networks and Connect with people who support them. Support them to remain Being Active through participating in physical activity that they enjoy.  Support them to Keep Learning through teaching them key life skills such as how to manage their money and set budgets. Encourage them to Give their time through volunteering in their community or helping friends or family. Take Notice of your child’s goals and aspirations for the future and encourage them.  

Be Active
Keep Learning
Take Notice