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0-3 years old

Babies and toddlers need lots of support from their parents, family and other trusted adults to create the environment for their wellbeing to thrive.

You can do this through nurture and care, showing them love and affection, responding to baby’s cues and by helping your child to manage their emotions.

As they grow, play provides young children with the opportunity to develop communication and social skills, develop motor skills and be active.  It also allows them to develop an understanding of rules and behaviours, as well as the chance to have fun with friends.

Whilst these actions may come naturally to you when spending time with your child, it’s important to recognise the significant impact they have on the mental wellbeing of your child.

Please click below to find out more.  Remember that one activity, such as playing with your child, often means you’ve achieved many of the five ways to wellbeing through a single activity.  Examples of activities include:

Whilst out and about Take Notice; look at nature and comment on how it makes you feel or what you can see or hear.  Does the sight of spring flowers make you happy?  Or the crunch of autumn leaves under foot feel satisfying? Connect with your child; talk to your child and let them experience these things with you. Do they enjoy the fun of Being Active by stamping in puddles on a rainy walk – let them Connect with you and share their joy. 

Whilst at the park allow your child to Keep Learning and explore equipment they may be haven’t used before whilst keeping them safe.

Let your child Give by sharing their creations with people who are important to them.  Did they do some art or crafting at a local playgroup – let them gift this to someone so they can experience what it feels like to give something to someone they care about.