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Colostrum: nature's perfect first baby food

From around 16 weeks of pregnancy a mother’s body starts preparing colostrum ready for her baby.

Why is Colostrum important?

A baby is very vulnerable in the first few hours and days. Colostrum is rich in protein and also contains antibodies plus many other important protective factors which protect your baby during this time.

The first few days outside of mum’s womb

Babies need a gradual and gentle introduction to life outside of the womb. The volume of Colostrum increases gradually each day which allows your baby’s kidneys to adapt to the change from being fed by the umbilical cord.

How much does my baby need?

A newborn baby’s tummy is very small, the size of a small marble in fact. Your body knows that your baby only needs a small amount of food. Just a teaspoon or two (5-10ml) of Colostrum provides all the goodness and protection your baby needs.

Changes on the 3rd day

Around the 3rd day after birth, milk flow increases and your breasts may feel fuller but this soon settles down. From then on a mother’s milk is continually changing to meet her growing baby’s needs; this is completely different to formula milk which never changes and does not provide any protection for your baby.