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Rethinking Our Drinking

Join people across North Wales who are cutting down on alcohol and feeling better
Cutting back on your drinking can have a huge positive impact on how you look and feel – often in just a few days.

It can help us feel happier, healthier and more energetic, help us sleep better, and reduce our chances of serious illnesses like cancer, liver disease and heart disease.

Stopping drinking, or reducing the amount we drink, also reduces our risk of being involved in an accident, or being a victim of or involved in crime.

Take the test to see how your drinking measures up against the latest safe drinking guidance. 

Are you drinking too much?


Reasons to stop or reduce your drinking

There are lots of reasons to stop or reduce your drinking – including some you might not expect. Making even a small change could have big benefits for your lifestyle, health and wellbeing. 


Get more support to help you stop or reduce your drinking

There are lots of simple ways you can reduce your drinking, and services which can give you the help you need. 


Share your story

If you have cut down on your drinking, click below to share your story about the benefits and support the Rethinking Our Drinking campaign. You could help to inspire others to enjoy a healthier relationship with alcohol.