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Maternity visiting guidance

General visiting arrangements here.

Visiting considerations will be informed by community COVID-19 transmission rates, hospital COVID- 19 admission numbers and any outbreaks that may be experienced in the hospital environment.

Please note access is restricted to a single birth partner or nominated essential other preferably from the same household or part of an extended household.

Consideration should also be given to the needs of women who require additional support/essential assistance to access maternity services and for whom reasonable adjustments may be required.  This may be in the following situations, which are by no means exhaustive:

  • Women with a mental health issue, a learning disability or autism, where not being accompanied would cause them to be distressed.
  • Women with cognitive impairment who may be unable to recall health advice provided.
  • Where the treatment/procedure is likely to cause the woman distress and the partner/nominated other can provide support.
  • Where a woman has specific communication needs and may require support to understand information.

Appointment system

From Monday 12 July, birthing partners or nominated essential others will now have to order Lateral Flow (LFD) testing kits and complete a test before attending our hospital when:

  • Attending scans.
  • Attending fetal medicine scans and appointments.
  • Attending labour and birth.
  • Attending a Caesarean birth.
  • Visiting inpatients areas on the maternity wards.

All birthing partners or nominated essential other visits will be strictly by appointment into the Inpatient Maternity Wards made directly with the Ward/Department due to limited numbers being allowed in an area at any one time.

All partners will be required to show evidence of a negative lateral flow test result (SMS, e-mail message or screenshot), complete a screening questionnaire including a temperature check before entry and will be screened for any symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 infection or other indication that require self-isolation using the national screening tool. In such circumstances the identified visitor will be requested to leave the clinical premises and return home immediately and seek PCR testing. A temperature check will also be taken and recorded on their screening form.

Each Department will maintain a list of hospital visitors’ names and contact details, to aid the NHS Test and Trace teams if contact tracing is indicated.

Whilst the LFD is a voluntary test, if partner or nominated other choose not to take the test then this may result in them not being able to attend appointments or attend the inpatient wards.

Where to get LFD tests

Find out more information about our LFD collection locations across North Wales including pharmacy collect, home delivery, step-by-step guides and how to record test results

Attending a hospital setting for specific pre-planned antenatal appointment

One birthing partner/nominated essential other, preferably from the same household or part of an extended household is encouraged to provide support to women attending:

  • The Early Pregnancy dating scan (11+2 days = 14 weeks + 1 day gestation).
  • A Fetal Anomaly Scan (18-20 weeks gestation).
  • All Fetal Medicine Ultrasound Scan or Appointment.

Attending a hospital setting when in established labour

  • One birthing partner for women in active labour, preferably from the same household or part of an extended household.
  • One birthing partner for women attending theatre for an elective or emergency caesarean session.

Attending a hospital setting when the woman is an antenatal or postnatal inpatient at the Maternity Unit

To Ensure Safety of all Women, Mothers, Babies, Visitors and Staff

Anyone with a COVID positive test or showing symptoms of coronavirus (a new continuous cough, high temperature, or a loss of, or change in, normal sense of smell or taste) should not attend the visit, even if these symptoms are mild to intermittent, due to the risk they pose to others.

All Partners/Nominated Essential Other Support Must Observe the Following 10 Steps;

  1. Good hand hygiene (handwashing) and use of the available alcohol gels.
  2. Good respiratory hygiene – ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it approach’.
  3. Maintain two meter social distancing at all times.
  4. Wear the provided fluid repellent face masks at all times.
  5. Wear the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE)
  6. Minimise movement to essential movement once in the building and specifically once on the Maternity Unit.
  7. Partners are not permitted in areas whereby there are suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 (Red Areas) or onto cohorted Amber Areas where the woman is awaiting her swab results to avoid risk to others.
  8. Children under the age of 16 will not be permitted in the inpatient area or accompany women to appointments.  In exceptional circumstances, this can be discussed with the midwife/person in charge who should make an individualised decision and risk assessment.
  9. The allocated partner must remain as the only visitor during the admission period and should remain in the household bubble to ensure reduction in risk of infection.
  10. All Partners must comply with appropriate visitors screening measures at all times.

Additional Paediatric and Neonatal services visiting guidance

This information is available under the general visiting page.

Alternative ways to keep in touch

The Health Board encourages family and friends of patients under our care to consider alternative ways of keeping in touch.  This includes the use of our hospitals’ free WiFi to use FaceTime or video calling.  We can help facilitate to make this happen, inpatients can loan an IPAD via the Ward from our Patient Advice and Liaison Support Service (PALS).

Our Patient Advice and Liaison Support Service (PALS) is here to help you. Our PALS Officers will do their best to resolve issues quickly and directly with the staff concerned. If you have an enquiry about visiting restrictions or a concern about a friend or relative who has been admitted, please contact PALS (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday except Bank holidays).