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Armed Forces Champions

What is an Armed Forces champion?

A person who voluntarily takes extraordinary interest in the adoption, implementation and success of a cause, policy, programme, project or produce. Armed Forces champions are the individuals who champion for the Armed Forces community within their organisation. Through training and development, they understand the culture of the Armed Forces community and use this to design their services.

Our Champions and Leads

Executive Medical Director Nick Lyons
Executive Armed Forces Champion

Ian Donnelly
Veteran Healthcare Collaborative Strategic Lead

Colonel James Phillips
Welsh Veterans Commissioner


Cllr Richard Dew


Cllr Liz Roberts - Lead

Jodie Davies


Fiona Mocko - Lead

Cllr David Evans


Delyth Williams - Lead

Cllr Thomas Ioan Ceredig


Alison Watkin - Lead

David Griffiths (Cllr)


Gary Williams - Lead

Cllr Richard Mainon